The Seu Vella is the most outstanding building at the monumental complex that bears its name and its silhouette, the skyline of the city. It is the old cathedral of Lleida, but it is not alone. In the city centre, on Carrer Major, we find the Seu Nova, the new cathedral. The fate of one brought on the birth of the other.
Defined as one of the best artistic productions of 13th century Catalan architecture and, by extension, of European medieval architecture, the Seu Vella is a singular cathedral that leaves no one indifferent. Its architecture shares the limelight with high quality carvings that are preserved in capitals, cornices, corbels, portals, etc. The substantial remains of preserved mural paintings or the chapels built by prominent families or distinguished church members are a reflection of a prestigious building with a splendid past.
The Seu Vella cathedral is also steeped in history, as it became an important artistic centre and the visual reference of a rich, extensive and powerful diocese.
Sobriety, grandeur and magnificence are some of its attributes. However, there are many more.