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18th century. The War of the Spanish Succession

Once the militarisation of the hill had begun and the royal castle was already functioning as a military barracks, the following interventions took place after the fall of Lleida against the Bourbon troops of Philip V in 1707. The cathedral was quickly closed to worship and between 1707 and 1725 the bastion of Cantelmo was remodelled as well as its environs, giving place to the bastion and the counter bastion of Louvigny. In addition, they built the Half Moon ravelin with the clear intention to advance the defence and protect the highest part.
Under the bastion of the Assumption the Bernats Gate opened, as well as small windows in all the walls of the citadel. New bastions were added to existing ones: the Queen, the Rodamilans or Diamond Point, and finally, the Tongue of the Serpent.

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