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17th century. The Catalan Revolt

As part of the Catalan Revolt against King Philip IV, Catalonia welcomed the protection of France and the city of Lleida became one of the greatest points of interest to the contestants. This marked the arrival of French engineers to the city with the intention of fortifying and adapting it to the new times. The result was devastating. Almost the entire district of the Suda was demolished as well as the nearby buildings outside the wall, primarily convents and monasteries.
Between 1641 and 1644 different bastions were built with sections of walls uniting them: the bastion of the French, the Pointed, the King and the Assumption. Between 1644 and 1649 the works were taken over by Spanish governors, which is now the curtain wall that surrounded the royal castle and the bastion of Cantelmo, later known as the bastion of Louvigny.

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