The part of the Castle of the King that is preserved today was used since its construction for holding the Corts ('courts' in English) and official receptions. The Corts had many protocols and were full of solemn acts,  always being summoned by the king. The three branches or segments of society of that time also participated: the church, the military and the royals, the latter formed by the representatives of the towns and cities. The Corts dealt with the good state of the territories and legislated, but above all, they talked about the financing of the Crown of Aragon.
However, the Assemblea ('assembly' in English) (later Corts) of 1214 deserves special mention, given the protagonist of that session was a 6-year old child. James by name, he was recognized by the Catalan and Aragonese as the new king. Later he would be known by the nickname of James I the Conqueror.
Just like other kings, James I granted various privileges to the city of Lleida, of which we can include the granting of the Sant Miquel Fair in 1232 and the granting of the Paeria (City Council) in 1264, a privilege that granted power to Lleida to govern their own city, freeing them from feudal constraints. The term paer stems from the Latin word paciarium, which means 'man of peace'