The Blau Virgin was the image that was located in the central part of the gate of the Apostles, the main entrance to the cathedral. With a calm, sweet face, she holds the child with her right arm while holding a dove with her left hand. Made by the master builder Jordi Safont in 1447, its named is owed to the bruise that it has right on the forehead.
Legend has it that when they were carving the images to decorate the gate of the Apostles, the master sculptor that was leading the work had to travel. With the intention of the works not stopping, the master sculptor commissioned one of his apprentices to carry out the sculpture of the face of the Virgin. When he returned from his trip, the master sculptor found a delicate face, perfectly sculpted and admirable. However, this did not give him any satisfaction or joy. Rather, it was quite the opposite. Envy quickly seized the master sculptor, who unable to carve it himself, realized how an apprentice surpassed him in technique and skill. That is when the master sculptor, full of rage, grabbed a hammer and threw it against the face of the Virgin. As it happens, the hammer bounced miraculously, killing the master sculptor, and the Virgin got a bruise on her forehead.
Currently, you can see the sculpture at the main altar of the Seu Nova.