The street of Bonaire Alt, where the air was good, ran parallel to the Canonical House and the Castle of the King. The street of Bisbalia, so called because the Episcopal Palace was its most important building, did the same, but from part of the cathedral that faced the River Segre, while the street of Cloister passed in front of the facade of the Canonical House and led to the Lower Grades. These are some of the names of the streets that surrounded the cathedral in medieval times. Far from the activity that it should have had in those days, what is left is what has not changed. An array of outlines in the church that finds rest in the horizontal of the cloister and vertigo in the bell tower.
A walk around the cathedral at the same time allows us to see how the facade of the cathedral facing the Castle of the King is sober and austere. Not so of the facade facing the River Segre, which is free of obstacles for contemplation, capturing all the architectural and sculptural attention. The lavishly decorated portals are one of the hallmarks of the Seu Vella.