The gate opposite Sant Berenguer’s, is considered the starting point of the School of Lleida, comprised of archivolts, abacuses and capitals, a world of little figures in floral motifs or friezes that later found its ultimate expression in the gate of the central nave and the Fillols Gate.
Its name comes from the two images that presided over the niches on either side of the door, the archangel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary, now exhibited in the Museu de Lleida: diocesà i comarcal. It is also known as Bishop Gate for being located in front of the old Episcopal Palace, which disappeared in 1707.
Its current appearance is the result of a careful restoration that has allowed the recovery of a small but important part of its original colour, especially in the support corbels and in the evangelical Salutation, interrupted by a chrismon, which can be read below.