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Anunciata Gate

The uniqueness in this case is to be found in the fact that the painting is located in an exterior portal from the 13th century, continuously exposed to inclement weather. The recovered polychromy is impressive due to its quality and power of colour. It is situated on the cornice support corbels, as well as the Evangelical Salutation, which after its restoration the following could be read: “AVE MARIA GRATIA PLENA D(omi)N(u)S TECU(m) BENEDICTA TU IN MULIERIBUS”.

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Graus Decimals (WSG84) Latitud: 41.618318
Longitud: 0.627547

Graus, Minuts i Segons Latitud: N41 37 5
Longitud: E0 37 39

GPS Latitud: N 41 37.099
Longitud: E 0 37.653

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