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The monumental complex of the Turó (hill in English), consisting primarily of the Seu Vella, the Castile of the King and the modern fortification, is an outstanding and palpable example of the historical evolution of Lleida and Catalonia.
The Educational Services of the Turó de la Seu Vella are aimed at bringing the patrimony complex closer to all of society, groups and people with different needs and interests. The Turó is an open space to all and for all.
In this sense, our educational proposals, either for schools and families or for the public in general, always have a recreational and existential aspect in common, which makes a visit to the Turó a positive and exciting experience that teaches children and adults to enjoy patrimony.


Contact information:
Telephone: 973 230 653

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Graus Decimals (WSG84) Latitud: 41.618318
Longitud: 0.627547

Graus, Minuts i Segons Latitud: N41 37 5
Longitud: E0 37 39

GPS Latitud: N 41 37.099
Longitud: E 0 37.653

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